About Evergreen Consult

Evergreen Consult is an education solutions provider that empowers schools and teachers to close the experience gap by closing the gap between what they know and what they do.

Our vision is to raise skilled, confident, world-class educators who will become dependable key players in both local and international educational spheres.

We believe in the power of connection, and we believe that when teachers are empowered to connect with each other, with their students, and with their schools, they can create an incredible learning environment for all involved. That’s why we help schools close the experience gap for their teachers—so that teachers can be more effective at what they do. We Hence, we are on a mission:

to deploy first-class resources towards the empowerment of teachers and school leaders through training, networking, engagement and internship.

We don’t just talk about this stuff with our clients; we get out there and do it ourselves! We’ve been working with educators from all over the world on projects ranging from retreats to workshops to training days, and we’re excited to continue doing so in the future.

Student Life


We’re all about helping you get the most out of your child’s education. That’s why we offer a range of international and local field trips that can help your child expand their knowledge in a new and exciting way. By taking part in an excursion, your child will have the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and learn about the world around them. These trips are also an excellent way to increase their skills outside the classroom, since they will be forced to think on their feet, plan ahead, and solve problems that might arise throughout a busy day.


Our end of year concert is a celebration of our graduating pupils and their accomplishments. It’s also an opportunity to acknowledge their families and friends who have supported them throughout high school, as well as the entire student body for its hard work and dedication.

The concert usually includes an awards ceremony where students can pick up any awards they are eligible for. These include the Creativity and the Award for Most Outstanding Pupil. Parents can also attend this ceremony to receive recognition for their own contributions to the student body.



We know that helping others is one of the most important things you can do in life. That’s why every school year; we offer a way to get involved in the community by outreaches to orphanages.

You’ll be able to donate some relief supplies for this yearly outreach which is as much about giving back as it is about the children enjoying themselves.


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