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Welcome to Evergreen School

Evergreen Schools is the only school of its kind in Enugu. This is not just because

we are an international school, it is because we have at our heart are beliefs in the

individual. Evergreen Schools is a school where there is genuine care for every

child, and where learning is exciting, full of surprises and fun.

We believe that children learn and develop at different rates, and that it is vital that

they are allowed to do so at a pace that suits them. Small class sizes, supportive

staff and the family atmosphere of the school mean that we know each pupil very

well, and that each can enjoy an education that challenges without overwhelming.

Our objective is to prepare pupils for their future as confident, kind, responsible,

questioning young people with an enduring love for learning.

One of the hallmarks of the school is our small class sizes. The benefits are

compelling and makes for an optimal teaching and learning experience. Pupils

enjoy more individual attention, progress is more easily affirmed, problems with

attention or understanding do not go unnoticed and classroom discipline is easier to


Pupils find it much easier to speak confidently and freely in small classes and this

lead to more productive classroom discussion.

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